Jay Arcemont

      Jay Arcemont is an amazing leader, aviator, instructor, manager, and better man. Jay Arcemont has played a role in many prominent aviation jobs. He started his professional career as a Chief Flight Instructor for many years at Lenair Aviation. He then began a management position at Woodland Aviation as the Director of Operations. After his time at Woodland he became the Director of Operations at TWC Aviation. He then went to a larger company called Flight Works, then to now where he is at SKY Partners as the Senior Vice President of Operations, managing a large fleet of jets and the pilots that fly them. 


      A family man, Jay Arcemont got his passion to become great when he realized that there was a future to build and a future family to take care of.  He learned what sacrifice, hard work, and the fire in his gut would do in leading him to becoming the best version of himself. We dove into the principles of what it takes to lead many people in a charter company. We also gave a hint of insight into some flight training topics, government contracts, everyday charter operations, and fun stories involved in the world of aviation!

     Jay Arcemont also deserves a special thank you, he was our first interviewee and a hope for me as the interviewer, to show me that I can do more than I set my mind to. JPLAviation didn’t have a studio nor all the equipment that it does now. Huge thank you to EvanBrandMedia.com for all the help in getting JPLAviation up and running on the technical side. 

Hope You All Enjoy!


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