Brian Bartlett Interview

Brian Bartlett is a 20 Year ATC Veteran serving at places such as KSNA, LAX and Seattle, Washington. It was an honor to be able to sit down and talk with him. His knowledge of airspace, and local controller is what truly makes him phenomenal. He is well known in the ATC world, as he knows many controllers in the Socal Region by name, and is known to say hello as he’s flying along between air spaces. Family is very important to Brian as he developed his fundamentals and belief system around it. He worked for everything that he has today, and now he is willing to share his message with the next generation of young people in the aviation industry.

Brian was kind enough to let me have a tour of the tour at Long Beach airport. He brought me up into the tower where I was able to document and ask as many questions as I wanted to. It wasn’t a crazy busy day out in long beach, but it was busy enough to be able to learn the flow of the controllers and how they operate. He currently is retired and spending his days flying out of John Wayne. 

Here is a small gallery from when I explored the ATC Tower.

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