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Accepting and taking someone for where they're at, and leading them to where they want to be through cost effective, efficient, and meaningful flight training. Don't forget the fun!

Your Host

Justin Lomakin

Passion is what drives people when they do something they love. I love learning about anything and everything aviation. My personal goal is to spread the knowledge of my craft as I learn and explore the world of aviation. I have a fascination with leaders in aviation and what makes them who they are. I believe in dissecting leaders down to the root of who they are, why they’re successful, and what made them that way. My passion is to bring forth the best in people, and help them achieve their goals more efficiently; whatever they may be. 

I was born and raised in southern California and though I love the beach the skies are way more fun. I was a tri-sport athlete in high school with consistent academic honors. I was a recruited football player, and for volleyball won a state championship as a starting outside with all-cif honors and academic honors. My life changed when I went flying towards the end of my senior year. I instantly fell in love with aviation when I took control of the aircraft. I am an fitness enthusiast and love helping people in anyway I can. I run JPLAviation from the top down and hope to use my platform to encourage others in pursuing their aviation goals. 

Meet The Team

James Doody

James Doody is a skilled designer and content creator. He is a master in photo shop and has spent many years perfecting his artistic skills. Have a vision? He can bring it to life with his magnificent ability to bring any design, logo, or story line to vivid personification on a piece of paper. As a fellow aviator he helps create the content you love here are JPLAviation. We are truly blessed to have him on the team. You can contact him at james@jplaviation.com

James Doody was a varsity football athlete in high school with an affinity for design and is now currently attending Orange Coast College and going through their flight program. He is an academic achiever and strives to be the best in everything he does. He chases to be a commercial pilot one day at the airline level and is relentlessly chasing that goal. He runs his own logo design company and any photo shop needs you may have, he is always willing to help. Send him an email at james@jplaviation.com for your design needs. 

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