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The journey


6. Ratings, Ratings, Ratings

I'm ready for a new rating, researching and trying to find the best instructor and place to conduct my training. A simulator is a great way to knock off 20 hours of training for the instrument rating, yet due to the corona virus it's hard to find one. This next rating to me is going to be huge as I imagine myself soaring through the clouds. I already know when I come out of my first Approach into an airport, I'm going to be so filled with joy. I smile just thinking about the moment. I've been studying IFR books intensely trying to learn as much as I can operating inside the IFR environment as possible. It's seemed to be a new way of thinking.... as are most of the ratings I am going to come across. Bring it on.



Preinterview picture with me as I have a fiery itch to satisfy. An itch for aviation. the goal is to learn aviation. An itch to draw for more knowledge at every chance I can get. I interviewed Steve Wolford today about his times in Africa flying like a true Aviator. A person who led his own life in it's own course, distinguishing him from the rest, merely by the fact he walked a lonesome road. He was always learning, humble, and had a can do it attitude. This is something I embrace, learning to do the right thing all the time, because the reality you live in depends on it. Steve humbles himself every room he walks into and has a presence about him that is Christ-Like, as he mentioned is his highest value in his life. A servants attitude will get you far in life, humility will bring you favor in the eyes of others, and a nothing can stop me mentality will produce a product of success for whatever you are aiming at.


4. Rest Period

This is an almost empty Costco Freezer. I love Costco, it's an amazing place to work. I spend most my weekdays/ends here at night working hard stocking shelves and driving forklifts. I do this on top of school, studying, working as a handyman, and producing JPLAviation. My days are planned down to the hour most often, with sleep hours often being sacrificed. I've been keeping this pace for a solid year, and I know it was time for a break. I was also okay with taking a break because the amount of work I've put in has shown in my successes that are tangible. So with this behind my back I can now rest. I planned a month in advance my spring break to take a week off of everything, which I did. Good friends and fun adventures while enjoying my youth is the key to a good get away. I have fun, but never too much. Celebration to me is enjoying the company of those around me. No substances needed. Despite all this, the rest was fun for a few days, but I eventually decided to come home early, because i rejuvenated my drive and my body was rested. Also just because my work is done, does not mean that my family's responsibilities are taken care of. Family needs come first. After this break ended, I immediately began networking for my instrument rating as I needed a reliable plane and instructor to train in. I have a few leads I am going to pursue and am looking to start this next week as classes are online due to Corona Virus. Couldn't have been better timing for focused learning.



3. Support crew

Everything that is great in life is never built by just one person. Even a Single Pilot Part 135 Operator outsources work such as maintenance, cleaning, landing clients, and working with the FAA. The pilot may not be able to stay up for 18 hours every day working on the plane, flying it, and maintaining it. This being said, JPLAviation has been mainly built by me. I have the dream, the vision, and the work ethic to make my reality happen that no one else can possibly take away from me. However, I didn't get here without everything that has happened to me in my life. The people, the places I've been, the people I've met, my failures, my victories, my fitness journey, my families. It's all tied together. Pictured above is my friend James who works full time, does school full time, yet still makes sure he is here to support me and what I'm doing with JPLAviation. He helps with anything I ask and can get his hands on. He'll often join in on interviews when he can. He's my supporting rod and a reason for me to keep going. A bigger role, My father spent hours helping me construct the studio, helps fufill last minute requests like, "Holy crap I have an interview in an hour can you clean the room real quick", to letting me use a room at his business where the aviation greats in my family worked, before they became who they were, and letting me ping my ideas off his walls of logic. I have a mother who tells me subtly that she's proud and though she can't understand what I'm talking about the support is still there LOL. When I meet people everyday who I share what I'm doing with, and they listen to the content and feel inspired, I feel amazing. When they say that they've taken what I'm preaching to heart and it's changed their lives it sparks a FIRE in my chest for more. I am so grateful for everyone I meet everyday, that I have the opportunity to understand and know, because their struggles, their pain, helps me figure out what I'm trying to do. My support system is crucial to my success, and even though I work alone, I can never say my journey has been alone.


2. The Opening of Doors

Have you ever had all green lights on your way to a destination? That's what my life has felt like so far in the past 8 months. I continue to meet new people, while opportunities have arisen that I would have never dreamed of a year ago. I wake up better than I was the day before because of the sacrifices made the day previous. Theres something to this process that has been changing the waves of reality around me. I've been meeting people in and out of the aviation industry that have inspired me to do more, love more, appreciate more, give more, and focus harder. I'VE LEARNED TO LOVE LIFE. I don't love it because of what I'm producing, but because I'm sacrificing so much of my time along the way. The payoff? The moment you see pain in peoples eyes when they choose to open up to you about their struggles and you have the ability to give them direction and a hope. It's in moments like those that cannot be stolen from my memories, adding fuel to my fire. I continue to strive on to be the best version of myself so that one day I can help those who cannot help themselves. First things first comes the installment of discipline to make my dream a reality. Obtaining the power to open a door for others that would otherwise be locked shut, comes first.




I have a plan for what I'm doing with this website, Social Media, Videos, Community Building, Study Tools (coming soon) and with this blog, but there is one question I know that is going to come up in my future... "Why did you start all this after your PPL?" My answer is personally complex, yet at the surface level very simple. The private Pilot License is your ticket into the Aviation Industry. I can't begin to describe the depth of knowledge I have accumulated over the past 8 months since acquiring my license and going on this journey with JPLA. I still have a lot to learn and am so excited. The only reason I even have the ability to narrowly understand the concepts from every side of the industry as i learn and grow is because I DEVELOPED the AVIATION MINDSET. I sleep aviation, I listen to aviation, I share aviation, and I DO aviation.
The private pilot license trains you for the ability to see and think aviation, in which other people who aren't involved in this lifestyle, nor study aviation can't truly understand. I also realized there is a lot more for me to do in this industry, and a lot more for me to record and learn. I will fail and make mistakes, but the goal is to keep fighting an uphill battle. One day I will get to the top of the hill and be where dreamed of being in this industry, and that's where the real work will begin. My progress will be tracked from the private pilot level on, implementing the foundational principles of what I learn from my interviewees on what it takes to be great, and into my personal aviation training/career. I hope you can follow along for this beautiful ride.


Understanding why


6. Level Up

Every single day in your life is an opportunity to level up. You get 24 hours in a day and so does everyone else. What you do with that time is what makes the difference in your growth. Growing isn't an easy processs, you have to shove your mental limits aside and push yourself, that is how you grow. When you do grow, and achieve per say a new rating, your mind is now strengthened because of it. The test before the level up, the boss fight before saving the princess, is what solidifies what you are now, compared to what you're going to be. When you achieve a new level of growth solidified by your discipline, you become shaped by it, a more potent version of you. You leveled up. When you consistently set a plan to level up day by day, your growth will be far beyond your years. Choose to level up.


5. Humble Yourself...

you are not the best person in the room. period. Wherever you go in life there will always be someone better than you at something and until you can learn to embrace and take criticism you will never truly reach your full potential. Each person you've ever meet has a lesson and or something to give to you, positive or negative that depends on the narrative of the other individual. Negativity doesn't mean you cant learn from them. Success stems from your ability to adapt to a situation, and adaptation means the ability to learn and overcome when new stimuli are received. What is your mindset? are you growing and learning constantly? Are you pushing your barriers?
My 3 rules:
1. Stay Humble
2. Stay Grateful
3. Don't Manipulate


4. Earned Rest

Oh yeah that pictures a beauty. It's a perfect Illustration of what I deem as Earned Rest. Anytime you are running after a goal in life you will get tired if you're running hard. RUNNING HARD. People often build bad habits when they face a challenge they don't wanna do (or is very difficult) as they attempt it for awhile then take time to rest. This rest is not the same as running your mind and your body down to the point you LITERALLY cannot continue. Your body will tire but your mind will not. Passion drives the soul, and the soul controls the mind. Your body needs worldly nutrition, so when running out of energy it will get tired. Your soul provides a never ending fire/energy source if what you're truly chasing will change your reality. The only way to achieve the optimum level of output is by conditioning yourself every second of the day to be uncomfortable. Wake up, workout, cold shower, eat, school, study, work, study, repeat. When you start to spend your 18 hr days working you begin to find how much you are actually capable of. Most people will never achieve this because they don't have the discipline to maintain optimal output in ALL areas of life which is NECESSARY to achieve GOALS. When your mind and body are run down, you can't concentrate, you've done all you could, and you are sitting upon a plateau of things you've ACTUALLY accomplished within the time span you set out to achieve them... THEN you get earned rest.


3. Planting your tree

People who claim to have built something by themselves or did it all by themselves are clearly the most narcissistic people you will ever meet. Everyday interactions that you have with the world and other people shows that you are growing. It is inevitable that you will forever be adapting to the environment around you. You pick up on the things people say, any intimate relationships you have form you. Whether it's with a partner, or time spent on the hobby you love. This is all your support system. Don't ever believe you are by yourself in your journey. At the end of the day if you are struggling because you feel alone, know that the ground you are standing upon will support you when no one is there, and if you spend your time planting seeds, you will climb the trees you sowed to a place so high that it will be IMPOSSIBLE for everyone to miss what you've become. The key is plant a tree that's worth growing and supports you as you grow with it.


2. Why Do I Have To Choose?

The number one lesson in self defense I learned growing up, is that in times of struggle it's better to do something than nothing. This same principles needs to be implemented by any individual who hopes of achieving in life. If you don't strive for something, anything... you're not making progress. We all have the ability to choose and be anything we want to in our life, yet so many of us fall short to the easy road of avoiding struggle. It's not the fact you chose something to do with your life, it's the struggle everyday that makes your choice a reality. When you want something and do everything you can to make it a reality doors will open. Ask any person who has become successful in life at a skill or trade. The moment they decided to dedicate their life to it, they not only started seeing the world differently, they lived differently. THE DOORS WILL OPEN FOR YOU IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO SOMETHING, RUN AT IT FULL SPEED, and KEEP RUNNING FOR A SUSTAINED PERIOD OF TIME. Success begins when dreams turn into thoughts, thoughts turn into plans, and plans turn into action. If you're struggling to find something you love doing, feel free to shoot me an email I would love to try and help you find your passion. It's not easy but when you do, it'll change your life.


1. Black and White

Do you see the gray in this black and white picture? I don't. In fact I don't ever see things as gray in life. Black and white mix to form gray, proving the root structure of gray is...
black and white.
Everything in life can be broken down to fundamental elements...
Right and Wrong.
It's not just about right and wrong. It's about making life worth living; finding your purpose. It's about orienting yourself in a way that not only boosts your own value, but at the same time boosting those up around you. What do I mean by value you might ask? I mean the sacrifice necessary to not only undertake your own burdens day by day, fighting your demons, but the sacrifice required to go above and beyond, to lift up the burdens of those who cannot lift the weight themselves. Value is derived from the potential in your life, it's what you could be. Maximizing yourself is hard as most people choose the route of least resistance which leads to immediate relief, but long term suffering. The fix? Orienting life in a way that ONLY attempts to spend time on things that are meaningful, not expedient. This lifestyle if chosen requires a great sacrifice: undertaking the burden of Responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life, staying true to your course despite trials, constantly striving for growth, and lastly knowing yourself. There is a divine spirit of right and wrong which can guide your path to success, yet it's hidden by the ways of the world, which created the gray area. A LEADER breaks apart the gray made by the weakness of the masses, snapping it into black and white, forming a just reality through discipline, strength, responsibility and show of character, that radiates like the truth in a world full of lies.


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