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Help JPLAviation Reach It's Goal and Create A Better Community

JPLAviation’s goal is to create a better community and through your purchase/donation raise $5,000 to help the homeless in our area by donating to Salvation Army.

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The Homeless Problem

I personally have always had a heart for people who have been displaced and end up on the streets. I have taken many Saturdays to volunteer at a local soup kitchen called Mary's Kitchen off of Struck Ave in Orange, CA. Through JPLAviation I will give back. Homelessness in California is on the rise due to price of living, and drug addiction. I have met so many amazing people who go out of their way to help others at the local kitchen despite their own personal situation. These people need our help and it is my goal to RAISE $5,000 to create a better community in the local area, as well as all the amazing places this foundation reaches. I don't want to just know some of the displaced people in our area by name with my time spent, I want to be able to actually help make a change. Your purchase through JPLAviation fuels a movement to create a better community.

JPLAviation Gives Back with 5% of every Purchase,

Your Purchase Helps Reach Our Goal, or Click the Link To Directly Donate and Watch the Community Change!

Custom Hitches Available, Check Out The Page and Send Us An Email To Coordinate!

Custom Hitches Available

JPLAviation will be making Custom Hitches for your custom rig and personality. Check Out our Custom Hitches Page and Send us an Email with your requests and or ideas! We'd be more than happy to accomodate!

Or Click To Donate Through JPLA’s Fundraiser To Salvation Army

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