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There are many different ways to success, however in your aviation training time is the most valuable asset you have. How much time a day do you spend doing mindless activities? Managing time in the most efficient way is key to your success. Many people waste time doing mindless things and not optimizing that time to be pursuing aviation. JPLAviation’s goal is to provide a wide variety of audio training tools in order to progress you faster through each part of your training. 

How It Works

Auditory learning has become a prominent tool in our emerging culture. Audio learning is becoming an effective tool because of the need to implement studying time during daily activities such as driving, working out, and mindless chores in order to take advantage of the valuable time lost during these types of activities. The sound we hear goes directly to our brain and is processed through neuronic circuits. The more we hear something and focus on what we are hearing, the easier it can be retained in the brain. Don’t believe us? Give our first free audio lesson a try!

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Your aviation training is hard to stay on top of with all of life’s everyday necessities. It is factually true that the fastest way through a circle is a line and JPLAviation’s study tools are that line. We provide a quality way to get in necessary training to keep your skills sharp through the long haul of your aviation training. Wether you are new to aviation or haven’t flown in awhile and need to study up; all of JPLAviation’s courses will be able to provide you with the knowledge, study habits, and walk throughs to make sure you are prepared for your flights. 


-If You’re New

Wanna Learn to FLY! JPLAviation is the perfect place to start! Click the link below for your free audio lesson on how to get started! 

-Private Pilot

This is the first step major step in your aviation journey. Click here for all the lessons and knowledge needed to pass your private pilot check ride!

Private Pilot Study Tool

-Instrument Rating

The road to getting paid to fly (Commercial License) starts with being able to fly without looking outside! This audio series will discuss all you need to know about instrument flying in order to pass your Instrument Checkride!

– Commercial License

You want to get paid to fly? This is how! All the study tools you need in order to pass your commercial check ride and start your aviation career will be discussed in these audio lessons.

Benefits of Audio Learning

Audio learning is one of the fastest growing tools in our society today. People are now able to learn while doing everyday activities and chores. As we learned from our leaders, efficiency is the most important thing to running a successful business and life. Use our tools to efficiently and quickly maneuver through your training.

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